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Creating Programming Assignments


Programming assignments are available with an Institutional license.

Programming Assignments allow instructors to autograde and manually grade student’s code in any language.



To create a programming assignment:

  1. Open the relevant course.
  2. Go to the Assignments page, and select Create Assignment in the bottom right. 
  3. Select the Programming Assignment option, and select Next.
  4. For the Assignment Settings:
    For more information on each setting, check out our Assignment Settings Overview article.
    1. Enter in an Assignment Name.
    2. Enter the number of points your autograder will be worth. If not using an autograder, enter 0.
    3. If you would like to manually grade students’ code, check the box to enable manual grading.
  5. Students will upload their code files to Gradescope:

    1. Students can submit multiple files of any file type, including files of different types, to programming assignments on Gradescope.
    2. Students can also submit to Gradescope via GitHub and Bitbucket integration.

    Programming Assignments are not compatible for student upload on the Gradescope Mobile App.

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