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Gradescope Release Notes

Read information about new product releases for Gradescope.


2024 release notes


June 2024

2024 June 1st

New TA accounts get Gradescope demo courses

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional, Gradescope Basic

Now when new TA accounts are created, either by syncing Gradescope with the LMS or by adding a TA to a course, they will automatically get access to two demo courses on their account. The demo courses, Gradescope Tutorial and Gradescope Assignment Examples, allow the TA to practice and learn how to use Gradescope.


tiles of two demo courses.png


April 2024

2024 April 17th

Blackboard LTI 1.3: Support syncing of student IDs from student_id column in Blackboard

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional

Institutions with a Gradescope Blackboard integration set up can now sync student IDs from Blackboard to Gradescope using the student_id field. 

Blackboard custom student ID parameter.png


March 2024

2024 March 1st

Gradescope demo courses in Japanese

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional, Gradescope Basic

Our Gradescope Tutorial and Assignment Examples demo courses are now available in Japanese for our users in Japan. These demo courses contain example assignments for new users to practice using Gradescope and for instructors to train their colleagues or TAs.


JP demo course dashbaord.png


February 2024

2024 February 7th

LTI 1.3: Sync user first/last name from the LMS to a Gradescope account

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional

For Gradescope courses linked to the LMS via LTI 1.3, users first and last name will now be synced from the LMS when a user launches Gradescope from within their LMS and when the roster is synced. This ensures the LMS governs student name data and ensures consistency between the two platforms.

Additionally, a user's account name can no longer be edited within Gradescope by the user or the instructor. Any changes to account names must be made within the LMS.  Previously, account names were only updated to reflect the LMS names when the roster was synced and the names were editable in Gradescope.

name not editable in gradescope - blurred out - 50%.png


January 2024

2024 January 31st

Customized welcome emails for instructors

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional, Gradescope Basic

For new instructor accounts, welcome emails now include custom information and resources based on their institutions license type (freemium or licensed) and LMS integration (SSO or LMS integrations). Additionally, emails now include links to get started videos and help center guidance.

Previously, welcome emails included a password reset link that didn't apply to customers with SSO or LMS integration and a link to sign up for workshops, which are no longer in place in all regions.


Example of new welcome email.png


2024 January 3rd

LaTeX support in PDF exports

Turnitin license: Gradescope Institutional, Gradescope Basic

LaTeX used in rubric items, submission specific comments, and text annotations as well as images embedded in the rubric will now render successfully in PDF exports. Also, the PDF has a new look, is easier to read, and is more accessible.

latex rendered in pdf export1.pnglatex rendered in pdf export2.png

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