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How do I login using my school’s credentials?

If your school has an institutional license, you may be able to log in to Gradescope using your school’s single sign on (SSO) system. Search for your school in our list to see if it is supported and log in.

If your school isn't supported and doesn't appear on the list, this could mean SSO hasn't been enabled for your school. We recommend that you reach out to your administrator if you want to use SSO for your institution.

If your school is supported and appears on the list, you will be able to use either a Gradescope account and password or your school’s credentials to log in. An account will be created for you automatically the first time you log in to Gradescope using your school’s credentials. The email address on your account will be the same as the email address associated with your school’s credentials.

If you already have a Gradescope account, and your Gradescope email address matches the email address associated with your school’s credentials, your account will be automatically linked when you attempt to log in to Gradescope with those credentials. If your Gradescope account has a different email address, we recommend that you first log in to Gradescope, and then link your school credentials by visiting your account settings page. Otherwise, you may end up with two separate Gradescope accounts. If that happens, follow the steps in the FAQ How can I merge two accounts?

Instructors, when you’re importing your roster to create accounts for students, you should try to use the same email addresses that your school uses for them. When students’ emails match, we can automatically link their accounts for them when they try to log in with school credentials. Otherwise, they will have to link their account first or email us to have their accounts merged.

Interested in integrating with your school’s SSO system? Contact our sales team!

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