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What is the circular knowledge bot/widget in Gradescope?

You may have noticed our Knowledge Bot appear in the bottom right corner of your page when using Gradescope. If you’re an instructor, reader, or TA, you have access to the knowledge bot while you’re working in Gradescope. However, students don’t have this access to the knowledge bot. This bot shows up on instructor accounts, course and assignment dashboards as well as on individual assignment pages.


All of our Help Center guidance, articles, and videos are available to you without having to leave Gradescope.

  • Use the Get Started tab to search for guides on setting up a course or creating an assignment to help get you started.
  • Use the Help Center tab to search our help site using keywords. For example, if you search for “grading”, the search results will display all of the help articles related to grading in Gradescope.
  • Get links to pages to register for a workshop, view pricing information, etc.


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