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Troubleshooting Brightspace (D2L) Issues for students


I'm trying to submit my work, and I you don't see a Gradescope course or assignment link on my Brightspace course page.

If clicking on the course or assignment link in Brightspace doesn't take you to Gradescope, your instructor may not have linked your Gradescope course and assignment to Brightspace correctly.

  1. If that's the case, go to the Gradescope website, click the Log In button, and enter the email address you use to access Brightspace (e.g., your school email).
  2. Next, either enter your existing password for the Gradescope website or click Forgot your password? to reset it or create one for the first time.
    • As long as you've entered the email address you use to access Brightspace, you will be taken to the same Gradescope account you would have accessed through Brightspace.
My courses and assignments are split across multiple accounts. See the Help Center article on merging accounts.
Gradescope doesn’t appear within the embedded window in Brightspace. You may need to make some small changes to your browser settings. 
  • For Safari - Select Preferences from Safari’s settings and then ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.
  • For incognito mode in Chrome - Access
    • Select Privacy and security and then Cookies and other site data. Here you will be able to Allow all cookies.

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