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Troubleshooting Moodle Issues for Instructors

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Roster-Syncing Issues

Issues Solutions

I can only sync part of my roster.

If some members of your course can’t be synced along with the rest of your roster, most likely, these members do not have an email address associated with their account in Moodle. To fix the issue, either ask the course members or your Moodle admin to add the email addresses to the accounts in Moodle. Then re-sync the roster.

I can't sync my roster at all.

Please contact

After I unlink a Moodle course from Gradescope, the initially synced roster will remain on the Roster page even after I link a new course.

Please contact to have the excess students removed. Alternatively, if there are no assignments within the course, you can delete it and create a new one to link with Gradescope.


Assignment-Setup Issues

Issues Solutions

The Moodle activity/grade item I need isn't listed as an option when I try to link it to my Gradescope assignment.

Occasionally, certain Moodle activities or grade items do not show up in the dropdown list when you're trying to link your Gradescope assignment to Moodle. If this is happening to you, use the list below to check that your Moodle activity or grade item is configured properly to link to Gradescope. Then if you're still having problems, please contact

  • Make sure the Moodle activity/grade item is an assignment, quiz, or a Gradescope external tool activity.
  • If the Moodle activity/grade item is a quiz, make sure it's configured to show points after the quiz is closed.
  • Make sure the Moodle activity/grade item is not in a hidden grade category in your gradebook.
  • Make sure the Moodle grade item was not created manually in your Moodle gradebook.


Embedded-Window Issues

Issues Solutions

Gradescope doesn’t appear in the embedded window when I use the Safari browser.

To use Gradescope in an embedded window within Moodle, select Preferences from Safari’s settings and then ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.

Gradescope doesn’t appear in the embedded window when I use Chrome in incognito mode.

Third-party cookies may be blocked which will prevent this functionality.

To temporarily enable third party cookies, select the eye icon on the right of the URL address bar when you attempt to launch Gradescope LTI. A modal will appear where you can select "Site not working?" and then Allow cookies. This setting will reset when you restart your browser.

To permanently allow third-party cookies, go to Select Privacy and security and then Cookies and other site data. Here you will be able to Allow all cookies. This setting will remain unless you return to the settings and disable it.

I want (or don't want) Gradescope to appear in an embedded window in Moodle.

To change the settings that cause Gradescope to launch as an embedded window in Moodle or in a new window outside of Moodle...

  1. Go to the course settings page in Moodle.
  2. Under General, click Show more.
  3. Under Launch container, choose to have your Gradescope course launch embedded in Moodle or in a new window for you and your students.
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