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Viewing Your Grades and Feedback

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Viewing your submission

To view your assignment submission, select an assignment from the course dashboard. If you have already submitted the assignment, you will be able to view your submission.

Interface for viewing your submission and the assignment outline before grading

Viewing the submission status of your assignment

There are a few different statuses for assignments you will see on your course dashboard:

  • Submitted - means it has been submitted but grades are not published
  • No submission - means there is no submission. You may be able to submit if the due date has not passed
  • A score - This means you have a submission and grades have been published

Viewing the grading status of your submitted assignment

When you view your assignment submission page, you should see a grading status for your submission in the side panel.

  • Ungraded - Your submission still needs to be graded
  • Graded - Your submission has been fully graded. Your grade should be published and you will be able to see the total score as well as the scores and feedback/comments for each question.

Viewing your Feedback and Grades

Your instructor may choose to email you when grades are ready. Viewing the rubric is a great way to get feedback about your work, and helps ensure that it was graded fairly.

Once your assignment is graded, select on a question name to view the rubric items for that question and any comments from your instructor. If the instructor has left a comment for a question, you will also see a blue comment icon next to the question name.

In some cases, instructors may choose to hide some rubric items used for grading. If no rubric items are shown, there will be a message letting you know. However, any comments and point adjustments specific to your submission (that don’t use a rubric) will always be shown.

If you can see all rubric items your instructor used for grading, the specific rubric items applied to your submission will be highlighted.

If you get an email notification that your graded submission is ready to view, but then you are unable to view it, check out our Why can’t I see my grades article.

Downloading a graded copy of your submission

You can download your graded submission by selecting Download Graded Copy.

Interface for viewing your submission and the assignment outline after grades are published

Exporting a PDF copy of your graded submission

Select Download Submission to get a PDF containing your submission and detailed rubric markup.


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