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What are my options for using Gradescope if students don’t have access to a printer to print their assignment

If students don’t have access to a printer, below are a handful of possible solutions:

Most popular method – Create a variable-length student-uploaded assignment

  1. Select “Variable-length” for the Submission Type when setting up the assignment on Gradescope. Instruct students to answer the questions on their own paper.
  2. Students can then save and upload their responses to Gradescope as a PDF (or upload image files for each question).
    • For variable-length assignments, Gradescope will prompt students to indicate on which page(s) they answered each question, and graders will be taken to the correct page for each student during grading.

      We have a video for instructors on how to set up variable-length student-uploaded assignments here, and a video for students on how to submit variable-length work to Gradescope here.

Second most popular method – Create an Online Assignment

Instructors can create Online Assignments in Gradescope which allow students to complete their work completely electronically (see more details in FAQs below).

  • In Online Assignments, you can also add an Upload File field to a question to let students upload a photo (or any other file type) of their answer.

What if my students don't have access to a printer?

If students don’t have access to a printer, below are a handful of ways they can complete exams or assignments electronically.

  • Tablets: Students can draw or freehand or write answers with a stylus.
  • iPads: Students can use the native Books or Files apps to draw or freehand write answers (or 3rd party options like Notability).
  • Apple computers: Students can draw or type on a PDF using the built-in Preview app.
  • Other computers: Microsoft Edge has built in PDF Annotation tools. Students can purchase Adobe Acrobat (or use the university’s existing adobe account) and use the Edit PDF feature.


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