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LTI 1.3 and Advantage FAQ

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Why should my institution migrate from LTI 1.0 to LTI 1.3?

  • LTI 1.3 has improved authentication and security protocols for your LMS platforms and tools.
  • Gradescope will only release new features and enhancements for integrations with LTI 1.3. Any new features, bug fixes, etc. will not be applied to LTI 1.0 integrations moving forward.
  • Depending on your LMS, you may get additional features if you migrate to LTI 1.3 that you didn’t have with 1.0. See our Canvas Migration Guide and Blackboard Migration Guide for LMS-specific benefits.


What benefits come with Gradescope becoming LTI Advantage certified?

In addition to the security improvements that come with LTI 1.3, the following services are now available which continue to improve the integration experience between Gradescope and an LMS platform.

  • Role provisioning services are standardized and support role mapping for all LMS platforms. Typically, LMS platforms have custom roles that map to 1EdTech roles. Gradescope uses 1EdTech Names and Role Provisioning Services and maps the following course roles to the following Gradescope roles (see in the chart below).
    1EdTech Role

    Gradescope Role

    Instructor Instructor
    Grader TA
    TA TA
    Any other role Student
  • Creating assignments is easier. LTI 1.3 comes with deep linking between Gradescope and the LMS. This makes it easier and takes fewer clicks to create a Gradescope assignment from within an LMS course. This means instructors don’t have to create assignments twice just once in the LMS, and the LMS assignment is auto-linked to a Gradescope assignment.
  • Assignment and grade services like grade passback of student grades are more secure between Gradescope and an LMS.
  • Providing a custom institutional name for the LTI tool is possible. For example, the Sync Canvas Roster and Post Grades to Canvas buttons on Gradescope can be customized to say Sync [custom name for Canvas] Roster and Post Grades to [custom name for Canvas].
  • Once an assignment is linked via LTI 1.3, the assignment name is synced between the LMS and Gradescope (with Gradescope assuming the LMS assignment name).


What LMS platforms does Gradescope currently support with LTI 1.3?

Currently, Gradescope officially supports LTI 1.3 with five LMS platforms (that support LTI 1.0): Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, and Sakai. We are currently working on certifying additional LMS partners. Read onto the next section for more information about getting your custom LMS certified.


What if my institution uses a custom LMS that is LTI 1.3 certified?

  • If you are an LMS tool provider, and wish to integrate with Gradescope, please contact directly.
  • If you are an institution and using an integration that is not listed on our help center, please contact your LMS provider and have them contact us via the above address.
  • While following the LTI 1.3 standard should make things seamless, we can work together to build an integration that provides the best offering for you.
  • After our successful collaboration, your users can use our generic guidance to get started for their LMS platform. As most of our guidance is published under a Creative Commons license, you can use our guides as a base for your own to capture and customize your user's whole workflow.
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