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I tried to submit, but it said I ran out of time?

If you’ve run out of time while working on an assignment or while trying to submit an assignment, there could be a few reasons for these issues.

If you’re trying to submit a timed assignment, the timer starts counting down the moment you select Start Assignment. This means you only have a set number of minutes to upload your files or enter your answers.

If you leave or close the timed assignment tab, the timer does not pause and continues to count down.

  • You may return to find that the timer has run out and you can’t complete or submit the assignment.
  • To make the most of your limited time, we recommend starting your timed assignment only when you have minimized distractions and you’re fully ready to work on it.
  • Depending on the length of the timed assignment, you may receive timer countdown notifications at certain intervals.
  • For more on timed assignments, check out Submitting Timed Assignments.

If you’re trying to submit an untimed assignment, it could be that your file took too long to upload and the due date has passed in that time window between submitting your assignment and your files being uploaded.

  • This could be due to internet issues, the files were too large, and/or too slow to upload, etc.
  • It is important to note that once the assignment due date or late due date has passed, Gradescope will no longer try to upload files to the assignment.

For both scenarios, we recommend contacting your instructor to make them aware of your situation and to see if they can make any adjustments to submit your assignment. Feel free to contact our customer support team (at to report any potential technical issues. For more information on troubleshooting issues for submitting assignments, check out Troubleshooting Submission Upload Issues.

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