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File Requirements for Assignment Types

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Exam/Quiz and Homework/Problem Set Assignments

Accepted File Type

  • Instructor uploads
    • PDFs only
  • Student uploads
    • A single PDF, or
    • (Depending on assignment settings) One or more images per question
      • .png, .jpeg, .gif, .heic

Students can scan and submit their handwritten work using our Gradescope Mobile App.

Accepted File Size

  • Instructor uploads - 256MB
  • Student uploads
    • Individual PDFs - 100MB
    • (Depending on assignment settings) Images - up to 100MB for the entire submission

Bubble Sheet Assignments

The template cannot be customized to contain question/answer content. Instructors will need to provide students with a question list and multiple-choice answers outside of Gradescope.

Online Assignments

Online Assignments have question types that allow a student to upload a file as part of their answer to a question. All file types and sizes are accepted for these uploads. Students can successfully upload video files that are MP4 and up to 500 MB in size.

Programming Assignments

Programming assignments accept uploads of any file type, as well as multiple uploads of different file types per submission.

Students can successfully upload up to 256 individual files (or in a zip folder) and a total of 100MB in Gradescope directly, or they can submit larger files using a Github or Bitbucket integration.

Jupyter notebooks of over 1MB or any other file type over 100KB will not be rendered directly on the grading page. Larger file sizes can still be downloaded on the grading page.

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