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Assignment Statistics


The assignment's Statistics page allows instructors to gain further insights into what their students have learned. Only students with uploaded submissions will be counted towards the assignment statistics.

The default view showcases the averages from each question. Clicking a question’s bar within the chart will focus on it, updating the stats under the chart.



Adding and Deleting tags

Adding tags to your assignment's questions allows you to track student performance and progress on particular course concepts.

    1. On the Assignment Statistics page,  go to the Show Questions tab.
    2. To assign a tag to a specific question, locate the question and select Click to Add Tags.
    3. Enter in a tag name, and press enter or select Add… to add the tag.
    4. To add multiple tags to a question,  repeat steps 2 and 3.

      You can reuse tags across all assignments and questions within a course.

    5. After you've created and assigned tags to a question, select the Show Tags tab to view the statistical breakdown by percentage of the tag for each question.
    6. To remove a tag, go to the Show Questions tab and highlight the tag and then press delete on your keyboard.

A GIF of how to add, view, and delete tags for a question.


Viewing Tags

Use Tag View to see the breakdown of points by tag. 

  1. To switch into Tag View, select Show Tags.
  2. Delete any tag by clicking on the line next to the tag and clicking backspace/delete on your keyboard.

Example assignment questions tagged with the topics that each of them is testing


 Viewing Scoring and Rubric Statistics

On the Statistics page,  select a question (below the data chart) to see the scoring statistics for that question, such as how many times each rubric item was applied and a percentage breakdown of how many students scored the question correctly or incorrectly. This allows you to pinpoint particular difficulties or concepts that students struggled with.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 1.40.33 PM.png


You can also view the time of when a rubric item was applied by a grader. To do this, go to the Grade Submissions page, hover over a rubric item and select the magnifying glass. The Graded Time column will display the time at which the grader applied the rubric item (pulled from the most recent grading activity).


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