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Grading Multi-version Assignments

Grading submissions for each assignment version

For multi-version Exam and Homework assignments, you will grade each assignment version individually using the same methods you would for a single-version assignment. If you want to, while you grade Exams or Homework, you can use the Import Rubric option in the grading interface to pull in the rubric from any question on any assignment in your course. See the Grading Submissions article for more steps, tips, and tricks.

Publishing grades in multi-version assignments

On the Review Grades page, you can review or publish grades for versions in the the exam version set using the All tab. You can review and publish grades for an individual assignment within the exam version set, using the specific assignment's Version tab (i.e. Version A, Version B). For more information on publishing grades for an individual assignment within the exam version set, see the Reviewing Grades article.

If you're publishing grades for all versions (on the All tab), you'll notice that the functionality is similar to the individual assignment pages, but with the following key differences: 

  • The statistics generated on the Review Grades page are combined across all versions.
  • In the table, there is an added Version column that identifies which version the student submitted to.

  • The Download All Gradesbutton gives you a unified spreadsheet of grades across versions.

  • The Publish All Grades button will publish grades for all assignments within the exam version set.

  • The Unpublish All Grades button will unpublish grades for all assignments within the exam version set.
  • You can also email all students across all versions using the Compose Email to Students button.
  • You can manage Regrade Requests for all versions at once by going to the Exam Version Set and selecting the Regrade Requests link in the left sidebar.
  • For schools with an LMS integration enabled, you can link and publish grades for an exam version set in two ways: 
    • To link and publish all grades across all versions in the exam version set to your LMS, you can link the Exam Version Set to a single assignment or gradebook column within your LMS and this will publish grades across all versions to a single place in your LMS.
    • To link and publish grades for each individual version to your LMS, you can link each individual assignment version in Gradescope to an assignment in the LMS.
  • Once grades for an Exam Version Set are published, students can review their work normally and won’t have any indication that the exam had multiple versions nor which version they submitted to. For the assignment name, students will only see the Exam Version Set name and not any versioned names.
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