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Grading Homework/ Problem Set Assignments


When grading a homework/problem set assignment, you cannot use AI-assisted grouping or manual grouping. You'll only be able to grade questions and all their answers one-at-a-time (individually).

  1. You can begin grading as soon as a single submission is uploaded (although we recommend waiting until the due date passes, since students can resubmit), and you can view all student-uploaded submissions from the Manage Submissions tab.
  2. Create rubrics for your questions if applicable. You can do this now or while grading. See, Creating rubrics.
  3. Grade student work with flexible, dynamic rubrics. See, Grading.
  4. Publish grades, email students. See, Reviewing grades.
  5. Export grades. See, Exporting Grades.
  6. Manage regrade requests. See, Managing regrade requests.

*Not applicable if students are uploading their own work.

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