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Creating an Outline for Homework/Problem set assignments


Creating the outline is the first step for creating a Homework / Problem Set assignment.

  1. For the Template, upload a blank copy of your assignment to Gradescope in the Create Assignment step. Select Create Assignment.

    If your assignment is simply a list of textbook problems, you can upload a PDF with questions listed or just a blank PDF.

  2. The uploaded template displays on the left and the outline (list of questions) on the right for the Create Outline step.
  3. Next, you will add your questions to be graded. Students will be able to view and download this blank template from Gradescope if you’ve allowed students to upload their own work and enabled Template Visibility via your Assignment Settings.

  4. To create a question, using the side panel, select + new question. You can title your questions and add point values. As you add questions to the outline, a total point tally for the assignment appears at the top of the side panel.
  5. You can create subquestions by clicking the plus sign icon (to the right of the delete icon or the red “x”), or by dragging a question into another one.

  6. You can also drag a subquestion outward to turn it into a question.
  7. To reorder the questions in the side panel, drag any question or subquestion to the place you want it.
  8. To delete a question, a subquestion, or a group of subquestions, click the red “x” delete icon next to each of these items.
  9. To replace the template PDF, go to Settings in the left sidebar. Replacing the template will preserve the outline, and any grading you’ve already done for that assignment.
  10. To create extra credit questions, set the point value for these questions to be 0 on this page. You’ll then be able to disable the score ceiling during grading and award students points above 0 during grading.
  11. Make sure you list all of your questions, subquestions, and assign their point values to complete the outline.
    1. When your students upload an assignment, they will mark the location of each question on their submissions.
  12. Select Save Outline.

When grading the assignment, the document viewer will automatically take you to the page in which the student indicated the question is located.

If you’d like more information on how to set up outlines that account for assignment-wide point adjustments, and/or scoring schemes where students answer ‘x out of y’ questions or have their lowest scores dropped, please send us an email.

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