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Adding Students and Staff

Having a course roster is necessary to match students to submissions, manage course staff permissions, and allow students to see their work on Gradescope. Learn how to manage staff permissions, prep your course roster file, and add staff via an LMS integration.

Staff roles and permissions

Staff roles and permissions

Gradescope has three staff roles: Instructors, TAs, and Readers. The TA and Reader roles share the same permissions in Gradescope, so you can choose to designate someone either as a TA or Reader to suit your course needs. Please see the following table for a list of staff roles and their permissions.

Permissions Instructor TA/Reader

Add or remove students

Yes Yes
Upload and manage submissions of instructor-uploaded assignments Yes Yes

Receive notifications for all regrade requests

Yes Yes

Receive regrade request notifications for submissions they graded

Yes Yes

Duplicate or delete courses

Yes No

Names are visible to students on the course dashboard

Yes No
Adding students and staff

Adding students and staff

Adding staff, such as Instructors, TAs, or Readers, to your course is available with an Institutional license. In a Basic Tier course, you can add an unlimited number of students and one instructor per course.

Prepping your roster file

  1. You can add course members individually or in bulk via CSV file (recommended). If you're doing the latter, you will first need to prep your roster CSV file. Start by making sure each column in your CSV has a header.
  2. Use unique email addresses for each course member.
  3. You can either list full names in one column (see note below) or split first and last names into two columns (recommended).

    Splitting first and last names in a spreadsheet: If you upload split names, Gradescope will let you sort your roster alphabetically by last name. Splitting full names into first and last on a spreadsheet can be a bit tricky so we have a How do I sort by name? guide.

  4. You can also add extra columns with course section details. Check out our guide for sections in the course roster. A sample roster, showing required columns (Name and Email) and optional columns like Section.

Uploading a roster or adding individual users

  1. When you're ready to add individual users or your roster CSV, next go to the Roster page for your course (Course Dashboard > Roster, left sidebar).
  2. On the Roster page, click the Add Students or Staff button in the bottom right corner. A dialog box with two buttons will appear. Click the appropriate button based on whether you're adding a single user or uploading a CSV file.
  3. If you're adding a single user, next you will be asked to give their first and last name, their email address (using school emails is best), and, optionally, their student ID, if the user is a student. Then, select their role and whether or not you'd like them to be notified of their course enrollment. Click Submit when you're finished.
  4. If you're uploading a CSV, next you will see a dialog box where you will be asked to match the columns of your CSV with Gradescope fields. If a column shows up as blank, click on the drop-down menu to select the corresponding Gradescope field. If your CSV has separate columns for student first names and student last names, click My CSV file has separate first and last name columns. If you included additional columns on your spreadsheet such as class groups, press the + sign in the top right corner of the dialog box (see image below) to reveal a dropdown containing the names of the column headers you entered on your CSV file. Select the relevant column name from the dropdown. Click Import when you're finished.
Letting students add themselves via entry code

Letting students add themselves via entry code

On the Course Settings page, you can enable or disable students' ability to self-enroll with an entry code. If you've enabled the self-enroll feature, you will see the course entry code in the footer of your course Roster page. Please note that you must share the entry code with your students for them to be able to add themselves to your course. If you'd like to see how the process works for students, check out the Joining a course article.

Note: If you're using an LMS integration, you do not need to enable the course Entry Code checkbox for students to enroll via a course entry code, as users will be enrolled automatically from the LMS side.

Adding students and staff via LMS integration

Adding students and staff via LMS integration

Check out our LMS Workflow section for instructions on how to sync a roster and add students and staff from your courses in Blackboard, Brightspace (D2L), Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai to Gradescope. The LMS Workflow section of the Help Center also contains step-by-step instructions, images, and gifs about how to use Gradescope with an LMS as an instructor and a student.

Alternatively, check out the LMS Integration video on our Get Started page to see how to connect your LMS to Gradescope and sync your roster from the Gradescope website. 

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