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Submitting timed assignments

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For any assignment other than a Programming Assignment, your instructor can set a time limit on your work. This means you will only have a set number of minutes to upload your files or enter your answers from the moment you start the assignment or see the questions. Here are some things you should know about working on a timed assignment.

Initial dialog box

  1. You'll know your assignment is timed if you see a dialog box about time limits when you first open the assignment.
  2. Read the dialog box carefully. It tells you how many minutes you have to work and the latest date/time you can begin working to have the full time available before the assignment due date and the late due (if your instructor set one).
  3. Only select Start Assignment in the dialog box when you’re ready to begin.

We recommend starting the assignment only when you're ready and you've minimized distractions because there is no way to pause the timer once you start.

Timed assignment initial dialog box

Timed assignments: Before you can start submitting work, you may see a dialog box telling you your assignment will be timed. This means your instructor has only given you a certain number of minutes to complete your work. Read the information carefully and only click Start Assignment when you’re ready to begin. Check out Understanding timed assignments for more info.

On-screen timers

  • While you work, there will be a timer on your screen showing you how long you have left.
  • You can hide and re-reveal the timer if you'd like.
  • Depending on how long your time limit is in total, you may also see additional timer notifications on screen:
    • Time limit is < 3 minutes: no notifications
    • Time limit is < 10 minutes: notification at halfway
    • Time limit is < 20 minutes: notification at 5 minutes remaining
    • Time limit is < 60 minutes: notifications at halfway and 5 minutes remaining
    • Time limit is > 60 minutes: notifications at halfway, 15 minutes remaining, and 5 minutes remaining

Please note there is no way to pause the timer and that the timer will continue counting down even if you leave the Gradescope site/tab.

Submission notifications

Except in the case of Online Assignments, when you submit your work, you will receive an automated email from Gradescope that includes the date and time you turned in the assignment, the assignment due date, the late due date (if your instructor set one), and a link to your submission.

The email also reminds you that you can resubmit work as many times as you need to until the due date passes or the timer runs out (if your assignment is timed).

timer on screen for timed assignment


In most cases, you can re-upload or re-enter response(s) as many times as you’d like until the time limit runs out or the due date passes.

The timer will continue counting down even if you leave the Gradescope site.


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