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Best practices for submitting an assignment


When you are submitting an assignment to Gradescope, it's recommended that you:

  • Give yourself ample time to upload your files because it can be time consuming to upload images to multiple questions and/or internet connections can be slow or unstable at times.
  • Ensure your PDF is under 100mb or make sure you meet the file requirements for each assignment type.
  • If you are working on a variable-length or online assignment where your instructor has allowed you to choose the type of file you'd like to upload, it's highly recommended that you submit PDFs rather than images.
  • If you are scanning and uploading your work you can submit directly to your assignments using our Gradescope Mobile App.
  • If you are scanning and uploading your work (and not using the Gradescope mobile app), make sure to create PDFs that are small in size, no more than 100mb, and high-resolution.

If you've used the best practices explained above and are still having issues submitting your work, see the Possible submission problems and solutions table to try to fix the problem.

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